How to Choose an Exceptional Accountant for Your Small Business

When you are running a startup business, you need your wits about you in every way to ensure that your company grows exponentially. Getting a reliable and dependable accountant is one of the most critical decisions that you can make as a small business owner. Small businesses may lack the financial war chest of large organizations and great accountants may not come cheaply. So it is a delicate balancing act getting an exceptional accountant with your limited budget. How do you make this happen? What are the factors to consider that will ensure that you choose wisely and get an excellent accountant?

The professional training and qualifications of the accountant should be checked meticulously. It won't augur well for your business if you retain the services of a poorly trained or half-baked accountant without the necessary training. Then again your business is still young so it would need a professional touch from the word go. Depending on the country that your business is located, it is recommended that you seek the services of a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), or a CA (Chartered Accountant). With the services of either of these professionals at your disposal, you will rest assured that your business is in capable hands.

The importance of experience and expertise when you are looking for an accountant such as from for your growing business cannot be overestimated. You not only need a competent accountant with vast accounting experience but one with the relevant experience and expertise in preparing financial statements and tax returns for small businesses such as yours. If the accountant has worked for a startup business that is similar to yours or in the same sector, that would be an added bonus as they will be well versed in the intricacies of accounting for small firms.

Sometimes the services that we need might be right under our noses but because of our own ignorance or lack of information, they pass us by. This is why you should start closer to home in the quest for an exemplary accountant. You can begin by asking family and close friends about any outstanding accountants they know of. Better yet, if the friends have small businesses, ask them to refer you to their accountants, but only if they are impressive. But you should know that what works for your friend's company may not work for you so you should choose with a lot of caution.

It doesn't hurt to talk about money upfront; in fact, it is highly advisable that you take the issue of payment or accountant fees off the table as early as possible in the relationship. It is important to know the fees that the accountant will charge for relevant services, and if your company can afford it. Some accountants; especially in big and successful accounting firms bill by the hour, but that may be too expensive for a small startup like yours. So it is advisable to find an affordable accountant at PROfiltr with an alternative method of payment; say monthly or annually. Getting a great accountant is a challenge but the tips given here will make the process effortless.

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